1. Sports Facilities in Mordovia


Today in the 21st century sport has become one of the main national ideas and a prior ideology of any successful state. Sports achievements at for example the olympiads, championships and cups of the world, European and world universiades build the image of a country, stress its success, and become the subject of its dignity. The participation of broad masses in sports is the main condition of the physical health of a nation, one of the foundations of its moral strength and an indicator of the standard of living of the population.

The programme «The Development of Physical Culture, Sports, Tourism and the Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle in the Republic of Mordovia» (2002 – 2006) developed and implemented projects for the construction of new sports facilities.


Stadium Start

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Among the sports facilities constructed at that time was the multi-purpose sports centre named «Mordovia», with 12 halls; the athletic centre of Mordovia N. P. Ogarev State University with an area of 900 square meters; and several football stadiums. First, there is the stadium «Start», located in the central part of the city. It has four football pitches: two with artificial turf and two with natural turf. Second, there is the stadium «Saransk» with artificial turf and a training base for the Football Club «Mordovia» that includes synthetic and natural pitches. Mordovia actively participated in the federal programme entitled «The Development of Football in the Russian Federation for 2009–2015». Within the guidelines of this programme, football pitches with artificial turf were built in 12 municipalities of Mordovia.

On January 1, 2006 there were 2,425 different sports facilities in Mordovia, with 1,643 facilities located in rural areas. In 2005 over 20 percent of the population of Mordovia was involved in sports, compared to just over 9 percent of the Russian population. Also in 2007 the Ice Palace was opened in the capital city of Saransk, where residents were given the opportunity to practise such sports as ice hockey, figure skating, and short track all year round, with special centres in hockey, figure skating and short track centres for children and youth. The Ice Palace became the basis for the development of winter sports, which provided Mordovia with an opportunity to set ambitious goals, including the training of athletes for the Sochi Olympics in 2014. The Saransk ice arena has already hosted a number of nationwide competitions.  Most notably, the Ice Palace hosted the Russian Figure Skating Championship in December 2010.


Ice Palace

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In 2007 the Biathlon and Ski Complex at European level was opened in Mordovia, which has already hosted nationwide competitions. In addition to that, the second stage of the Biathlon and Ski Complex was implemented later. The renovated complex includes a service centre, a boarding school for 149 people and a dining-room. The construction oversees the expansion of the cross-country track along with the establishment of a penalty loop, creates a multi-functional team sports hall with a capacity of 7,000 seats, that can also be transformed into an ice arena. In addition, the complex will include dancing, fitness, health and recreation centres, a museum of sports, several cafés, a press-centre, an office for drug testing and other facilities. While meeting the champions and winners of the XX European Championship in athletics, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev praised of Mordovia’s work in the development of sports.


Biathlon and Ski Complex                                       Indoor Tennis Center

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In 2008 the Indoor Tennis Centre with five courts was opened in Mordovia. There is no doubt that success is impossible without modern sports facilities. However, each victory is accompanied by much effort of dozens of people, including coaches, athletes, administrators and doctors. Mordovia was lucky enough to successfully create several distinctive teams able to foster great sports victories.

Mordovia is truly proud of its world-famous Greco-Roman wrestling and race walking centres. The Republic has renovated the court in the National Palace of Culture to train wrestlers and built the Olympic Training Centre for gifted young race walking athletes located in the north-western district of Saransk.

The Olympic Race Walking Training Centre, used to be managed by head coach Victor Chegin, who is very well-known for training champions. It exceeds any other similar centre, in the number of awards won at world and continental championships and cups. In addition to winning gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the centre can be proud of many other medals won at Russian, European and world competitions. The highest recognition of the achievements of the Centre was in 2009 after the World Cup in Berlin. The process of developing future champions begins with school athletic clubs. Affiliates of the Olympic Race Walking Training Centre are open in all districts, and thousands of children are engaged in race walking centres throughout Mordovia. Every child who trains at these centres has a real chance to achieve high athletic results.


Olympic Race Walking Training Centre

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Every year Mordovia holds track and field and Greco-Roman wrestling competitions, named after the legendary sons of the Mordovia-Olympic champion, Peter Bolotnikov, and the hero of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Devyataev. Another Olympic and European champion, Alexey Mishin, who was the World Champion in 2007 and was recognized as the best wrestler on the planet, serves as a role model for hundreds of boys. The Youth Wrestling Centre named after A. Mishin is currently working to develop a new generation of champions.


Youth Wrestling Centre

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Several years ago a new Gymnastics Centre was opened in Saransk. The centre is headed by the former national team coach and ex-president of the Federation of Gymnastics Leonid Arkaev. Under the management of L. Arkaev the Russian national team thrived in the international arena when it repeatedly won the team’s all-around event at the World Championships and Olympics. Now, L. Arkaev intends to achieve a higher level with Mordovian gymnasts. In order to achieve this goal, the new building, equipped with the latest modern equipment, was built.

Mordovia is a place where people love football. During the matches of their beloved team «Mordovia», thousands of fans gather in the stands of the stadium. The Football Club «Mordovia» was in the quarter-finals of the 2009–2010 Russian Cup, and the team came the sixth in the Russian Cup for 1-st Division teams in the 2010 season. Top officials worked hard so that Mordovia could eventually join the Premier league. In 2012 for the first time in its history the football team Mordovia joined the Russian Premier league with an outstanding result in the National Football League: 100 points in 52 matches, scoring more goals than any other team: 91.

According to the plans for the celebration of the 1000 year unity of the Mordovian people with peoples of Russia, Saransk began the construction of the Water Sports Palace (Aquatic Centre). Now it consists of a 50 meter main swimming pool, warm-up and diving pools, springboards, platforms and other equipment, all of which meet international standards for competitions and training.


Water Sports Palace (Aquatic Centre)

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Also the construction of an indoor football arena with artificial turf was finished few years ago. The facility includes eight 400 meter running tracks, track and field sectors, stands with a capacity of 10,000 seats, a medical rehabilitation center, and a boarding school. The arena is a single complex and the third stage of its construction is the building of a boarding base for the Olympic Training Centre, for Race Walking. The arena also has a separate dining zone, a hotel for 80 people, a health and recreation centre, and a swimming pool in order to ensure that athletes are in comfortable conditions for all year round training. Today in the very centre of the Millennium Square in Saransk a Multi-Purpose Sports Complex is being built. It will have a hall for 8,000 seats aimed at holding sports events and concerts, as well as the possibility of transformation into an ice arena.

In Mordovia basketball and boxing are rapidly developing with the establishment of special sports centres for training young athletes. The Boxing Centre is named after the famous heavyweight boxer Oleg Maskaev, who is the holder of the championship belt, according to the World Boxing Council. Oleg, who grew up in Kazakhstan and lives in the USA, has not forgotten his family’s Mordovian background. In 2009 he gratefully accepted the invitation by the Head of Mordovia, Nikolay Merkushkin, to represent Mordovia in professional boxing. It was N. Merkushkin who urged O. Maskaev to adopt Russian citizenship. The first professional boxing match in Saransk took place in the spring of 2009. The match was between Oleg Maskaev and Rich Boruff (the USA). To the delight of his fellow countrymen, Oleg Maskaev won the fight with a clean knockout.


Boxing Centre

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From 2006 till 2012 the Republic built 34 units (including multi-purpose gyms, located in almost every district centre, stadiums, ice arenas and swimming pools), some of which practically do not have analogues in the country and even in the world. For example, the Centre for cycling – BMX, opened at the beginning of 2010, which is a unique indoor sports facility. You can hardly find anything similar, not only in Europe, but in the whole world. It has got a license from the International Union of European Cyclists (UCI) for hosting World and European Championships in cycling. At the moment Mordovia is continuing its active construction of modern sports facilities. Due to the fact that Saransk is on the list of host cities of the World Football Cup in 2018, the stadium Mordovia-Arena is being built on the embankment of the river Insar, in the vicinity of a new residential district. It can seat 45,000 fans. The capacity of the stadium will decrease to 25,000 seats after the end of the Cup because of the dismountable constructions, and the free area will be used for shops, cinema halls, cafeterias and other units of the service sphere. Many people are already looking forward to the World Cup.




Stadium Mordovia–Arena

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A special trend throughout Mordovia is the construction of sports facilities in the countryside. Since 2000, in accordance with the Decree of the Head of Mordovia N. Merkushkin, concerning the investment support of the social sphere of the republic, there has been shared funding (50 to 50 percent) of the republic’s budget and local funds to construct cultural and sports facilities. This Decree greatly stimulated further development of the social infrastructure in the countryside, where a number of tennis courts, artificial turf football fields, BMX Centres, and weightlifting facilities were built. In almost every district of Mordovia it is possible to find high quality sports and recreation centres. The small artificial turf football pitches and multi-functional volleyball and basketball courts meet the highest international standards.

Thus, in the republic we have a unique sports infrastructure which is acknowledged both in this country and abroad. The network of sports facilities include more than 2,400 different units.